Concept Arts for Games or Movies — Part 1

Prateek Jain
5 min readNov 25, 2022

I am in love with AI more than ever before. If you are following the AI news, so you must already be aware of the latest advancements in Text-to-Image Deep Learning models.

The most recent Text-to-Image models like Stable Diffusion and DALLE-2 have set new milestones and the quality of the art being generated by these models is unparalleled.

Initially, I started trying it just for fun, but, now I am totally into it. In the last few weeks, hardly any day has passed in which I have not generated even a single piece of art. I am mainly using #Midjourney for generating the arts and you can see for yourself below, how crazy I have been about it.

Generated 3,500 Plus Arts using Midjourney

In this article, I am sharing some of the art that I have generated using Midjourney and the story behind each of the art/characters that I generated.

Without further ado…

Hightech, Gold lover — Foxie the Dwarf

Hightech, Gold lover — Foxie the Dwarf — Click to Buy NFT (1/1)
  • He is always searching for Gold, so, always look out for your gold-laden items if you are around him
  • Don’t be fooled by his size, he may be a dwarf but is very clever and cunning like a fox
  • He is technically advanced, and for the right price, you can have him fix your cars, robots, or anything mechanical.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life — Click to Buy NFT (1/1)
  • This is a “Tree of Life” and is known to heal anyone irrespective of how badly wounded or sick they are. As long as they are taking breath they can be completely healed and get rid of any illness or disease
  • Due to its power and potential, it is in possession and is being heavily guarded by a certain kingdom
  • It has been not used by anyone for centuries, but, the king suspects that it has the power to even reverse the age of any living organism. Hence, is turning every stone and looking for a way to harness its power
  • He was made aware of old folklore which mentions a similar tree and also that its power was once harnessed by a very powerful mage, but no one knows if the mage used the powers on him or where he disappeared to.

Crooked Chameleon

Crooked Chameleon — Click to Buy NFT (1/1)
  • He has a way with words, but, he is devious.
  • Always be on guard in front of him, not physically but mentally. Just with his words, he can put you against your best friends and can bring down your morale.
  • He is always scheming something and tells nothing but lies, if I were you, I would not believe a word he says.

One-handed Warrior Bison

One-Handed Warrior Bison — Click to Buy NFT (1/1)
  • He is a commander of an army of some kingdom
  • He lost his left arm in battle and now has a prosthetic
  • He is very handsome and all the girls of the kingdom dream of him, though he is single as of now :)
  • His favorite pastime is sitting alone in a bar and keep on drinking.

A Cute Mythical Dragon Baby

A Cute Mythical Dragon Baby — Click to Buy NFT (1/1)
  • A baby of a mythical dragon, which is known to have ruled the skies once upon a time. How or from where did this baby appear, no one knows.
  • The tales say that the dragons were very powerful and due to the greed of humans for their power they were exploited. Hence, they went into hiding in some alternate dimension they created with their powers.
  • All the tales about them were nothing but bedtime stories for children, until, a baby dragon appeared.

Woodoo Wooden Robot

Woodoo Wooden Robot — Click to Buy NFT (1/1)
  • Some powerful Dark Magic practitioner Mage, who specialized in Woodoo magic, created this robot out of the wood of a special tree, a long long time back.
  • Since then this robot has been wandering and hiding in the jungles.
  • Why was he built and what is his purpose, neither he nor anyone knows.
  • Mages, hunters, and even the soldiers of various kingdoms are trying to capture him alive as they all want to understand the spells, technology, or energy source that brought a piece of wood to life and has kept him alive for all these years.
  • But, he is being protected by a certain tribe, as he has been helping them through their time of difficulties for all these years. This is their way to show their gratitude towards him.

Mecha Eagle

Mecha Eagle — Click to Buy NFT (1/1)
  • She was once a normal eagle, who was shot by a hunter while she was roaming free in the skies. Taking a fall from the height destroyed her body completely.
  • It is rumored that some Dwarf found her in a terrible condition. He could not see her in such a condition and fixed her, as best as he could.
  • She is now mostly made of up mechanical parts, but, she is not upset about it even a bit. Why? As she can now touch the parts of the skies, she could never before and with her new speeds, she can even outrun the winds.

Uff!!!! Those were a lot of arts/characters and words. I have a few more in my bank, but, will give your eyes and mind a rest for now.

I have created an NFT for each of them individually and minted only a single copy of each one of them. So, if you are interested, then I will say HURRRRYYYY!!!

Also, if you are a game designer or a filmmaker, you can use these characters in your games or movies, once you have bought their NFT. So, again if you like the character and the story, I will recommend you to HURRRYYY!

Also, I tried connecting each of them together such that you can make a complete story out of it for a game or movie, so, don’t miss the opportunity.

Hope you loved the characters and their background story. It will really make me happy if you can drop in comments which character or the story you liked the most.

Soon will write something new and interesting for you all.


A Special thanks to the #Midjourney Team but building such an amazing model and easy-to-use tools.