Ghost Crab

Prateek Jain
3 min readMay 4, 2023
Ghost Crab 1 — created using MidjourneyAI

Do you know Midjourney has launched its V5? The quality of images it generates is like never seen before, I highly recommend trying it out.

But, creativity needs inspiration, and below is a small attempt by me to invoke the creative side lying dormant inside of you all.

I personally believe until and unless you are captivated by something so strongly a.k.a inspired; you cannot create something unique, something which will soothe the soul and inspire others. We have countless examples of Poems, Stories, Dramas, Paintings, and many others, by many artists from thousands of years, some of which are to date jaw-dropping.

I, myself recently got inspired by a particular species of Crab and so with the aid of Midjourney and ChatGPT, I brought those emotions to life.

The end result was—

I saw a crab, its hues so bright,
Yellow and white, a lovely sight.
I approached with harmless intent,
Drawn by its eyes, with wonderment.

Ghost Crab 2 — created using MidjourneyAI

But fear overcame this little ghost,
And under the sand, it did coast.
I watched it burrow deep down,
Each shovel of sand, a painful frown.

Ghost Crab Shoveling in the Sand — created using MidjourneyAI

Our paths crossed by fate that day,
But how to explain, what words to say?
To the crab who knows only to flee,
Or change its colors, to hide from me.

Ghost Crab Changing the Color — created using MidjourneyAI

If only it had looked beyond its fear,
It would have seen, I held it dear.
And in those big black beautiful eyes,
Trust and understanding, could arise.

But alas, ghost crab remains unaware,
Of the love and kindness, I wished to share.
So, it burrows deeper into the sand,
A lesson for us, to better understand.

Ghost Crab in the Burrow— created using MidjourneyAI

That fear can hold us back in life,
And hide the goodness, in others’ sight.
But if we can push past our doubts,
A world of wonder, it can bring about.

There is still a lot of scope for improvement in both Midjourney and ChatGPT, but, still, the capability to understand and generate the outputs of Text or Images is really commendable.

With this, I am taking my leave, hope my work inspired you enough to get your own hands dirty :)