Peach, is it even a good theme?

Prateek Jain
2 min readJan 8, 2021
Photo by The Matter of Food on Unsplash

Every creative idea needs inspiration and in my case, it came from a beautiful young woman (*^_^*)

I sat down with a pen, a notebook, and my thoughts, thinking for hours about — what to write or from where to start or even is there anything in the world that I can use as a simile?

Then my voilà moment appeared and the result was —

Peach, is it even a good theme?
Will it cover the whole scheme?
It’s colors go well with the outfits,
Will it also represent thy habits?

I realized after pondering for hours,
that it perfectly represent all the flavours.
Let’s take the outside-in approach,
& accept my apologies for the encroach.

Peach has many different traits -
firm, delicate & sweet; all the greats!
Its core is hard, even so, the crust is soft,
is that all what the others thought?

But, others don’t know,
the core is the great wall of china bro!
Built to protect against the raids,
the precious heart, that lies inside afraid.

Thought, this wall is the only fued,
with poison also, the heart is brewed.
But, what I don’t understand?
Why so many guards at the stand?

Even the core is just for protection,
not an intervention.
Which goes down one day,
to let the heart sprout out of the clay!

I really cannot tell how many hours I have spent walking on the empty streets or lying down on the bed staring at the empty walls of the room or googling the right rhyming words, all this effort just to jot down this short poem.

I really hope you enjoyed reading it and please let me know your thoughts in the comments :)