A Walk through hell!!

I know it’s been too long since I’ve written anything, but I warned you about this in my last post — “A workaholic ant”, that if my friend finds about the comparison between her and an ant (BUG!), my writing days are over. :(

Now, since my writing spirit and the hand are finally healed, I thought of sharing an incident happened with me some time ago. It was not at all funny, at least for me, but all my friends had a great laugh at it. You know how friends are, the little devils…

So, let me tell you what exactly happened and that too without adding any spices ;).

So this story is about a boy Joy (me!!), who went away from his home to start living in a different town because of his job. The boy tried to travel back and forth but since it used to take 3–4 hour daily just for travel, he decided to stay near his office.

Since the boy, didn’t want to live alone, he asked one of his friends, who was also looking for a place there and they decided to rent an apartment and stay together.

They were excited and wanted to explore the whole town. But the town was too large to be traveled on foot and was tiring too. Since the boys were adventurous and often used to stop by the places which excite them, they avoided renting the cabs.

When the poor boys ran out of options and were very sad, they met a Jin called Mobycy (a bicycle renting app), this Jin had a power that he can provide any number of cycles, but the condition was to return the bicycles, when not in use.

Boys became very happy and took the bicycles from Jin. They drove to the farthest places and as fast as they could. This went for the days and each day boys explored different places.

One day they went very far and got tiered and started cycling back to their home. But then, suddenly, they saw a new road and just by looking at it they could tell the ride on this road will be very adventurous.

Curiosity won over the tiredness and they started cycling on that adventurous but the dangerous road. They slowly went for a while enjoying their ride, but then the road split into two and both friends wanted to take the different routes.

Both the routes eventually lead to their homes, but they both had a different opinion about them. Joy is intuitive and knew that the road on the right is no less than the hell and they could even lose their lives on it. But on the firm request of the other friend, he was forced to take the dangerous route. He wanted to cross the hell as quickly as possible so he started cycling faster. But his intuition came to be true or shall I say, his nightmare came true?

On the path were chained many ferocious creatures like Cerberus (three-headed dog from the Greek mythology) and as the creatures saw him, they broke the chains and started running towards Joy.

Joy at first saw only a single creature running towards him and so increased his speed enough to outrun the creature. But soon he found himself surrounded by them; one on the right, another on the left and a third one right behind him.

Scared to the bone, Joy, raced the bike as fast he could, thinking only of his survival and nothing else. After struggling a while he left the creatures way behind him. When he was about to slow down, he saw more creatures came running towards him from the sides. Seeing this he started peddling the bike with all the strength left in him and drove as fast as he could.

As the road ended and the boy reached the highway, all the creatures stopped. It seemed like the creatures were bounded by some spell and after a point, they could no longer follow him.

Joy took a deep breath and realized his friend was not with him. Nervous and frightened he turned around hoping his friend was all right. With him turning around, his emotions also took a full swing as his nervousness turned into confusion. He found that his friend was not being followed by any creature and he was riding his bicycle at normal speed.

Though Joy was relieved that both of them are alive and okay, he was a bit sad too as the tragedy happened with only him and not his friend. A friend who was regretting that he forgot to shoot the entire incident! x(

Full of sadness and regrets, the boys, returned, gave back Jin his bikes and decided to never take that hellish road again.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The story told above is real, I had just laid it with a few metaphors.

Hope I have your sympathy and I wish that no one else ever has to go through such a horrific experience.

Take care.


P.S. the photo attached above is not my own. You already know right, my friend forgot to take one. So, I have taken the one matching closely from — https://images5.alphacoders.com/857/thumb-1920-857308.jpg



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