Little red riding hood and an Owl

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Everyone knows about the story of the Little red riding hood, but that’s only a small part of it. But let me tell you the part of the story that nobody talks about.

Long before the girl encountered the wolf, the part of the story you all are aware of, she met an owl. Don’t even think of comparing the owl and the wolf as their natures were like the opposite poles of the magnet. The wolf was greedy and foul, whereas the owl had a loving and caring nature.

The owl loved to sing songs even though he had an average voice, but his innocence and caring nature attracted the other animals towards him. He used to sing all night keeping all the other animals awake with faces full of ecstasy and not sleep.

As you all know, the girl had an adventurous and curious nature. One night she heard an unappealing but pleasant sound and went out to look for the source of the sound and saw a little owl sitting on the top of a tree singing at the top of his voice.

She also could not resist the charm and sat there to listen to the song. When the night passed? She did not realize it and in the morning, quickly rushed to her house. She started coming back to the forest every night, to listen to the owl who used to sing with all his might.

Days and nights had passed

and then the fateful day had arrived,

when her courage was put to a test,

as the wolf was waiting in the path of her quest.

It was the first time the owl came down from the tree to encourage her and sent her off with good wishes. But she was so busy with packing her stuff, that she ignored the owl’s efforts.

Rest you know what happened to her in her quest and the same the owl heard from the other animals.

On the night of the incident, the girl once again returned to the forest to hear the owl. But after seeing her, he flew far-far away from there. This left the girl in confusion and with time she lost all her patience. Angry as hell she got and decided to never return at any cost.

It was, of course, neither’s fault,

how could he keep her awake after the assault?

She was all tired and needed to relax,

otherwise, she would have seen through his kind acts…

Every night after that, he came and sang as loud as he can, wishing to tell her that he had a good intention. But she, to make him remorse more, every night she passed through the spot with earplugs tightly placed which cancelled all the cries and pleas, putting a dent in their relationship which nature had so carefully built.

To be continued…

Hey, don’t cry, the story did not end here. It is just that the Panda, who was telling me this story was so sleepy that he slept before telling me the end.

I am in the dark as you guys are and sad too. But, I have a feeling that it will end well and you guys will be the first ones to whom I will reveal the end. You have just read what happens when you lose your patience, right? So, please patiently wait until the end is revealed.

I have tried everything to wake up the panda, maybe you have something up your sleeves, so don’t shy and comment your ideas and your thoughts on what will happen in the end.

See you guys soon with the updates.


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