Silent Auction

Prateek Jain
2 min readOct 26, 2022
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This story is about a real auction I participated in, a few years back. Surprised, why? Not all of my stories come from Mr. Panda, I have a life too, uffff!!

At dunnhumby (one of the organizations where I worked previously), we used to conduct auctions during the Diwali Festival. In the auction, anyone can put paintings, jewelry, books, and even food dishes up for an auction and anyone can bid on them.

The total amount collected was doubled by the organization and was donated to some NGOs helping kids with their education. Pretty awesome! no? yes, indeed it is.

So, I participated and bid on some of the items too, and wrote a small poem to express my feelings about the day and my first bid ever in an actual auction :P

here it goes…

When auspiciousness was in the air,
and the hearts of people, filled with care.
Then everyone emptied their pockets,
to launch someone’s life like a rocket.

It was the Silent Auction day, where we share,
anything from delicious dishes to items rare.
For those things we all bid so hard,
and to win the war, we played all our cards.

I too did wish for a Bengali dish,
but, it wasn’t so easy to net that fish.
I didn’t want to return empty handed,
so looked around and abruptly responded.

— won the bid of a Chocolate Cake —

O! my dear Chocolate Cake,
how many nights you’re gonna keep me awake?
Also, another year is already here, so
come with candles, which we will blow,
to celebrate New Year together, ho ho ho!!

I did get the cake and it was damn so tasty that I wanted to have it all by myself. But, sharing is caring, right? So, I shared it with others, though with little remorse :P

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