Stuck in Limbo

Prateek Jain
3 min readMay 6, 2023
A black-winged butterfly.

I know I’ve been writing quite frequently recently. Part of the reason goes to ChatGPT as I can put my thoughts to words much faster. But, a major part goes to something or someone or some events which are firing the neurons in my head like crazy.

Please have fun, while I’m still in this state of mind or shall I say, while I’m still Stuck in Limbo…

I am taking a different approach here, that is, I’ve broken down the poem into smaller bits and paired them with the images to create a fully immersive experience, hope you enjoy this.

Also, for those who like to read the poem in one go, I am sharing that as well at the bottom.

here I go!

A world with a Sea of Pink and Blue. (NFT minted 1/1)
As I wander down the pinkish path. (NFT minted 1/1)
A world of wonder but without a trace. (NFT minted 1/1)

As I promised full poem is as follows:

I woke up in a world so bright,
A sea of pink and blue in sight,
Roses blooming, vines entwined,
A perfect world, a dream I find.

But soon I saw a strange reflection,
A black-winged butterfly in perfection,
And then I knew, in Limbo’s place,
I’m stuck between life and death’s embrace.

Should I cry or should I laugh?
As I wander down the pinkish path,
This world is beautiful, that’s for sure,
But what does it hold, where’s the door?

I walk and walk, with no clear end,
With no idea where my fate will send,
For Limbo’s realm is a tricky place,
A world of wonder, but without a trace.

So here I am, a black-winged fly,
In Limbo’s realm, I cannot lie,
A place of beauty, but with no way out,
In Limbo’s grip, I roam about.

Hope you are enjoying my work, please do drop a comment if there is anything in particular that you liked be it the art or any of the lines.

I take my leave now. See you next time with another post!